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Who and what is ABO? Alternative Baseball® provides an authentic baseball experience for those players who want a competitive, yet accepting environment. Both men and women are encouraged to participate in Alternative Baseball®. 

ABO plays by professional league rules, including: leading off, infield fly, calling balks, and stealing bases. Balls and strikes are counted and scored accordingly: a batter is out after three strikes and a batter walks after four balls. ABO is designed for players who are fully able to actively participate on a dirt-grass field. Each participant plays independently on the field and must be able to control and swing a wood bat. Our games are player-pitched and the only adaptation from a traditional program is the ball itself (for safety purposes). Each game is seven to nine innings. No previous experience is required.

More Alternative Baseball® FAQ’s

Tri-State Continentals General Manager: Bill Fenbers

Bill began the process of getting an Alternative Baseball team for Cincinnati in July 2021. He works for the Autism Society Greater Cincinnati, and also volunteers for another local nonprofit, Marjorie Book Continuing Education.

Bill has seven brothers and sisters and resides on the west side of Cincinnati.



ABO Commissioner: Taylor Duncan

Taylor is the commissioner and director of the national Alternative Baseball Organization. Taylor created the organization in 2016 in his home state of Georgia, after having been denied opportunities to play baseball growing up due to his autism diagnosis and the perception of what an individual with autism can and cannot accomplish. You can learn more about Taylor through his website.



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